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The WRAIR Commander visits Program site in Nigeria

CoL Deydre Teyhen, the WRAIR Commander, and Chief Sergeant Major (CSM) Natasha Santiago, were in Nigeria in June to visit the Walter Reed Program-Nigeria (WRP-N).  During her visit, she visited the WRP-N offices, U.S. Embassy, the Defense Reference Laboratory (DRL), Clinical Research Center (CRC), WRP-N Warehouse in Abuja, and two Program sites in Lagos.  She also participated in the NMOD Site Commanders and Team Leaders’ meeting, and paid a courtesy visit to the Honorable Minister of State for Defence, Mrs. Nuratu Batagara.

WRP-N Staff in a pose with the WRAIR Commander

She presented that WRAIR’s mission is to defeat all infectious diseases and to promote brain health.  “I am so impressed that U.S. has trained 612 laboratory scientists as we moved through these last fifteen years and you have three high-quality labs that you created. That infrastructure which you created now provides the infrastructure to fight other diseases and I hope that we continue to partner and build upon the success of the HIV and AIDS and to extend that to extend that to other disease that are having a negative impact on the military’s readiness,” she commended.