RV368/TRUST study is a collaboration between MHRP, University of Maryland’s Institute of Human Virology, and Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health enrolling Nigerian MSM in a prospective cohort study centered in Abuja and Lagos.

The study estimates the prevalence and incidence of HIV and other STIs in this population and evaluates the uptake of antiretroviral treatment as prevention.

RV 368/TRUST employs respondent driven sampling, a method that recruits by study coupons distributed by study participants within their social network, which is specifically designed to reach hidden, stigmatized populations. The study has enrolled over 500 volunteers in Abuja and over 200 volunteers in Lagos.

Thus far, HIV prevalence exceeds 40% in this MSM population. Through behavioral questionnaires, the study has also been able to describe the adverse impact of Nigeria’s anti-gay marriage legislation on health care access and utilization.