HIV Research

WRP-N’s programs seek to determine HIV incidence and characterize the genetic distribution of the country’s circulating HIV and its subtypes. Cohort studies allow researcher to examine HIV prevalence and determine potential risk factors associated with infection. This research forms part of Nigeria’s comprehensive effort to develop an effective HIV vaccine.

In 2014, MHRP began a new cohort study (TRUST study) RV368 in high-risk populations in Nigeria in collaboration with the Institute of Human Virology (IHV) and Johns Hopkins University. WRP-N is also an AFRICOS site. AFRICOS, or the African Cohort Study, is a 15-year longitudinal study to assess the impact of clinical practices, biological factors and socio-behavioral issues on HIV infection and disease progression in an African context.

WRP-N also works closely with the Nigerian Ministries of Defence and Health (NMOD) to implement and enhance PEPFAR-supported HIV prevention, care, and treatment. These PEPFAR-supported services are available to members of the Armed Forces, their dependents, and civilians in nearby communities.