HIV Prevention

The WRP-N supports behavioral prevention interventions in military and civilian populations in Nigerian Ministry of Defence (NMOD) health facilities and barrack communities through community and clinical services.

In an effort to enhance capacity and improve service delivery, WRP-N constantly trains and support providers in the NMOD health facilities. Core program areas include:

  • Sexual Prevention: Promotes the use of correct and consistent use of male and female condoms
  • Biomedical Transmission Prevention: Promotes safety in the use of injection needles and sharp objects and proper disposal
  • HIV Counseling and Testing: Promotes health awareness by knowing your HIV status and linkage to other services

Barrack Health Committee

The Barrack Health Committee is an initiative of the Nigerian Ministry of Defence and U.S. Department of Defense (NMOD/USDOD) prevention program to support a sustained approach to public health concerns within the military community. The NMOD/USDOD HIV program, in collaboration with the Armed Forces Programme on AIDS Control (AFPAC), has over the years evolved pragmatic and sustainable prevention strategies among the military population in Nigeria. Within the last decade, this effort has resulted in strengthening a comprehensive and evidence-based approach to preventing new HIV infections among members of the Nigerian Armed Forces.