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Innovative Partnership by WRP-N and CPHI Enhances Healthcare Experience with Children’s Corners in One-Stop Shop Clinics

A Walter Reed Program-Nigeria (WRP-N) Key Population (KP) implementing partner, Centre for Population Health Initiatives (CPHI), recently established children’s corners across its One Stop Shop (OSS) clinics located in Lagos and Port Harcourt. The center is a dedicated space within the clinic where children can play, read, and engage in healthy activities while waiting for their appointments when they visit.

Creating a designated area for children within our KP-supported clinics has had a positive impact. The Children’s Corner helps reduce anxiety and stress for both kids and parents when they visit the clinic to access HIV and other related healthcare services. It ensures that children can have fun and stay occupied while still being close to their parents/caregivers during clinic visits.

Thanks to our team member, Dooshima Uganden-Okonkwo, who collaborated technically with CPHI site teams in Lagos and Rivers, and Dr. Eniko Akom, who facilitated a toy drive donation at the IHPT Bethesda program headquarters, which equipped children’s corners in both states.

Dr. Eniko Akom, USAMRD-A/N Country Director, Helina Meri and members of the CPHI team in a group photograph

In a related development, Dr. Eniko Akom, the Senior Technical Director of Prevention and Behavior, Department of International Prevention and Treatment (IHPT), alongside the Country Director, of the U.S. Army Medical Research Directorate-Africa/Nigeria (USAMRD-A/N), Helina Meri, and members the WRP-N Prevention, HIV Testing Services, Orphans and Vulnerable Children teams conducted technical support visits to these clinics in Lagos and Rivers states.

These visits aimed to review program activities and identify efficiencies that will strengthen interventions with these vulnerable populations toward achieving program targets and positive client health outcomes.